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WMC Hosts Successful December Benefit Concert

Natalia and Oksana’s benefit concert yesterday (Saturday, December 10) was both fun and exciting. Everything on the program (including the world-premiere my very difficult piece, “Journey into Destiny: Homage to Ukraine in Time of War”) was performed exceptionally well. It was an outstanding concert. (We are fortunate to have these two fine Ukrainian pianists in our club.)

The generosity of those in attendance was very impressive: a total of $1,831.00 (!!!) was donated. Our sincere thanks go out to all who gave so generously. One-hundred percent of these donations will be used to aid Ukrainians suffering as a result of Vladimir Putin’s illegal and immoral invasion of Ukraine; food, shelter, medicine, water, heating, transportation, etc. will be provided to those in need because of the war. Parenthetically, our club has now sponsored three benefit recitals for Ukraine, in which a total of nearly $3,600.00 (!!!) have been donated. If the war continues (as we fear it will), God willing, our club will be sponsoring additional benefit concerts in the future.