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Scholarship Committee

The scholarship Committee plans, organizes, and executes all Woodbridge Music Club Scholarship Competitions for high school and below music students. This includes the Kiki Thomaidis Piano Competition, the Woodbridge Music Club Instrumental Competition, the Woodbridge Music Club Vocal Competition, and the Senior Scholarship Competition. The Woodbridge Music Club awards 24 scholarships annually to young musicians competing in the Woodbridge Music Club Scholarship Competitions.

Concert Committee

The Concert Committee contacts local and traveling artists to present concerts in the Woodbridge community. They coordinate the facility, advertising, accommodations for guest artists, program preparation with the Administrative Committee, stage set up, reception following the concert, and payment to the guest artist. Two to four concerts are presented each year and are free and open to the public. In addition, the Concert Committee plans and organizes two to three House Concerts each year for members only. House Concerts provide members and opportunity to perform in a less formal venue for other members of the Woodbridge Music Club.

Student Recital Committee

The Student Recital Committee plans, organizes, and executes student recitals to provide opportunities for young musicians to perform in public. Generally three student recitals are presented each year featuring the students of teacher members of the Woodbridge Music Club. Program information is collected by the Student Recital Committee and submitted to the Administrative Committee for publication.

Fund Raising Committee

The Fund Raising Committee develops creative ideas for WMC members to solicit/improve contributions from parents, concertgoers, and local businesses to support the concerts and student programs offered by the Woodbridge Music Club. The major portion of the operating funds for the Woodbridge Music Club guest artist concerts and scholarship competitions come from donations.

Administrative Committee

The Administrative Committee coordinates Quarterly Board Meetings for the Woodbridge Music Club and provide Board Meeting Minutes to members. They maintain Woodbridge Music Club mailing list and forward all announcements/information/notifications from other committees and club officers to all WMC Members. The Administrative committee publishes concert and recital programs and processes the NFMC Liability Request Form and Child Protection Policy Form for each event to NFMC. They also Coordinate with the VFMC and NFMC where appropriate, to include preparing Annual Reports that go to VFMC and NFMC.

Junior Music Clubs

The following Junior Music Clubs are federated in NFMC/VFMC and are eligible to participate in the Manassas Festival.

Club – Counselor (Teacher)

Bailey Music Studio – Lana Bailey
Brady Piano Studio – Dr Elaine Brady
Bennett’s Private Music Studio – Hye-Yun Chung Bennett
Joy Piano Studio LLC – Grace Reid
Katherine Nelson Tracey Voice and Piano Studio – Katherine Nelson Tracey
Little Black Notes, LLC – Sheva Porter
Mrs. Jones’ Piano Studio – Rudene Jones
Music-Now-or-Never Piano Studio – June Shuffett
Natalia’s Piano Studio – Natalia Tkachenko
Pianoforte Music Studio – Oksana Sukhachevska
Rainbow Pianos – Eugene Pierson
Soo Cho’s Music Studio – Soo Cho