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December 2023 News Update

Dec. 21, 2023

Dear Members of the Woodbridge Music Club,

The Christmas party at Paul and Elaine Brady’s home was a great success, as always . The food, the comradery, the conversations, and the performances by members were all wonderful. Thanks to all for preparing your delicious home-made delicacies for the party and for performing.

The performances by members were both fun and entertaining. June and Jane began with a duet rendition of Sleighbells. Soo Cho then performed a lovely Nocturne by Chopin. Next, Lana played two lovely and relaxing piano pieces. Following Lana, I sang O Magnum Mysterium, accompanied by June. Next, Debora sang a lovely vocal solo, accompanied by Elaine. Following Debora’s solo, Paul and Elaine played the same duet arrangement of Sleighbells that June and Jane had played earlier, and then played a lively duet arrangement of Jingle Bells. The evening’s performances concluded with June and Jane on one piano, and Paul and Elaine on another piano, playing the same Sleighbells duet they had played earlier, but this time, on two pianos, four hands. We all enjoyed performing and listening to our colleagues perform.

After a wonderful meal, all of us sat around the dinner table, and enjoyed more than an hour of wonderful and lively conversation. This was a great chance to catch up and to get to know one another better.

In other news, there will be no Zoom meeting in December, as several of us are a bit under the weather and since there is no pressing new news (and besides, we are all terribly busy around this time, and several of us will be out of town.)

I hope you can all attend Faith Zuniga’s piano concert, which will be on January 27 (2024). A flyer containing details is attached. Thank you, Faith, for what I know will be a wonderful recital!

Wishing all of you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Dr. Robert Vernon Shuffett
President, Woodbridge Music Club