Renew WMC Memberships

Dear Woodbridge Music Club Members:

It is once again that time of the year to
renew your membership in the Woodbridge Music Club. The suspense date, published in this years WMC Yearbook is July 1st. I and sending this application early hoping that you take immediate action to complete the form and send it to the WMC Post Office Box provided on the form. Last year some of our members were not published in the yearbook because they waited to send in there application. The solution……Fill out the application now and send it! Don’t wait!

Also, please fill out the application completely and send it. The information on the form is used for reports that I send to the Virginia Federation of Music Clubs (VFMC), and some to the National Federation of Music Clubs (NFMC). The information I submit in these reports has to do with the type of activities our club and club members are involved in - no personal information is provided on the reports. This is information like how many members participate in church choirs, community band and orchestras, small chamber groups, etc.

Also, we use some of the information to publish the yearbook - this information only goes to other members - no further. Some of it I am unaware of unless you tell me - information like how many of you will federate your junior clubs so they can participate in Festival. I have struggled to get this information for the past two years, so please include it. This is published in the WMC Yearbook along with the name of your Junior Club.

We also ask for ways that you would like to be involved with the Woodbridge Music Club. We need your help, and if everyone does a little, the Club benefits and, in the end, all of you benefit.

Please respond now and send your application and check today!

Paul Brady
President, Woodbridge Music Club