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Year End Board Mtg

Dear Woodbridge Music Club Members:
The WMC Committee to review submission of the PWC Arts Council Grant met on April 12. Committee members included Debora Madsen, Zuill Bailey, and Cynthia Elmore. After review of the application requirements and procedures necessary to successfully qualify for the grant, the committee recommended not to pursue a grant from the Arts Council this year. Grant money has helped us continue many of our programs in the past, however the committee determined that the effort necessary to submit the application did not justify the amount of money the WMC would qualify to receive. As president of the WMC, I accepted the recommendations of the committee and we ceased all work on the Grant Application.
During this meeting we analyzed the current status of the Woodbridge Music Club and our ability to continue the activities and programs we have provided the Woodbridge community in the past. This has been a very successful year for the Woodbridge Music Club with respect to the success of our concert series (much better attendance than in the past), participation in our scholarship competitions, and participation in student recitals. We provide tremendous opportunities to the community and we can be very proud of this.
That being said, we looked at our current membership which has fallen by 33 percent in the past two years. About half of the former members moved out of the area or passed away, so this attrition is understandable and expected. Others have chosen not to continue membership for various reasons. Our biggest challenge remains in attracting new members despite our efforts in this area over the past several years.
As our small group at the April 12
th meeting reviewed the WMC membership status, we discovered that out of our 34 current members, only 12 members are actively engaged in responsibilities associated with running club programs. Out of those 12, four have indicated a desire to reduce their involvement with the club due to other commitments. Another three hold very involved and demanding positions in the Virginia Federation of Music Clubs in addition to what they do for the WMC.
The bottom line is that the WMC cannot keep up our current activities with so few members available to do the work. Although financially the club remained solvent this year through donations and dues, future years at the same level of offerings will eventually drain the club treasury. I believe we need to look seriously at the future of the Woodbridge Music Club. We cannot continue status quo.
I have put together three proposals for the future of our club based on discussions at the April 12
th meeting. These proposals will be discussed and voted on at the next WMC Board meeting on May 9th. These proposals impact all members of the club, so I invite all of you to attend and participate in the decision.

Proposal 1: Dramatically reduce activities of the club:
· Eliminate or reduce to only one “paid” concert per year. Perhaps sponsor one concert featuring local talent
· Hold one Scholarship Competition per year, perhaps combining piano, vocal, and instrumental into one competition, with fewer divisions (levels), hence fewer monetary awards. Perhaps include one separate award for a graduating senior. Use WMC members as judges (without reimbursement) providing they do not have a student participating in the event.
· Eliminate student recitals or hold only one end of the year recital.
· Eliminate House Concerts.
· Drop membership in the Prince William County Arts Council
· Continue the webpage, teacher referral, and publication of the yearbook, however the yearbook can be moved to the website only.
This proposal is contingent on members volunteering to hold club officer positions and volunteers to chair the Scholarship Competition, Student Recital, and Events Coordinator positions. It also depends on Bill Riski, or someone else, volunteering to continue managing our webpage. Without volunteers to fill these positions this option is not available.

Proposal 2: Become a Festival Only Club:
· Eliminate all programs and scholarship competitions.
· This proposal will require someone to function as the “President” with limited responsibilities as well as someone to fulfill minimal treasury duties. We eliminate all board meetings, the yearbook, reports to VFMC or NFMC, the website, and periodic newsletters from the president.
· Student participation in Festival, with appropriate fees, will continue.
· Disperse most of the current treasury funds according to the provisions of the WMC Bylaws.
This proposal also requires at least one person to volunteer for the position of “President” in order to be the point of contact for VFMC and NFMC.

Proposal 3: Dissolve the WMC according to the provisions of Articles XII, XV, and XVI of the WMC Bylaws. Current members can become members of one of the other clubs in the State, or they can become individual members of NFMC to allow for participation in Festival and other NFMC competitions and programs.

I will coordinate actions necessary to implement one of these proposals based on the decision of the board.
If you wish to participate in the decision of the board, please attend the meeting on May 9. The meeting will be held at my home, 6842 Lochmere Drive, Manassas, starting at 10:00 am.
We will be entertained at the Board Meeting by the winners of the Senior Scholarship Competition, and the meeting will include a potluck lunch.
Please let me know by Tuesday, May 7, if you will be attending, and what you plan to bring for the Potluck.

Paul Brady
President, Woodbridge Music Club

Winter Board Mtg

WMC Winter Board Meeting Outcomes 10:00 AM, February 14, 2019 Home of Paul and Elaine Brady
  • Call to Order. Board Members present: Paul Brady, Zull Bailey, Elaine Brady, Debora Madsen, June Shuffett, Rudene Jones
  • Minutes from the October 4, 2018 WMC meeting were reviewed and approved.
  • Treasurer’s Report was provided – currently around $20,000, with expenditures left for the Scholarship
    Competition upcoming; Received over $800 donations for the Rayanne Gonzales Concert!
  • Current membership status provided by Paul Brady. Several late membership requests were discussed.
  • Old Business:
o No recommendations for Honorary WMC Membership were received - program cancelled o Grant for a piano truck for the piano donated by Pat Boots and placed in St Paul is in progress
(Paul Brady/Zuill Bailey) o Stipend of $650 approved for Guest Artist Julie An to appear next year o No contributions received from the Parent Contribution Letter distributed last Fall – Program
discontinued o Committee to review the Prince William County Arts Council Grant submission for 2019 had
not met yet. Debora Madsen to pull the group together in February (Debora Madsen, Zuill Bailey,
Cynthia Elmore, and June Shuffett) o WMC Sponsored Piano Ensemble Concert for 2020 – no response on request for information
about the last Piano Ensemble; project is tabled for future consideration o Website Recommendations (membership application submitted on line, payments for membership, recitals, competitions by PayPal, etc.) – written report from Bill Riski provided to attendees: – Board will continue to review; the biggest issue identified by Bill is providing
personal information on the membership form and submitting on line New Business
o 2019 WMC Scholarship Competition: Instrumental Competition Cancelled – only two applicants, which did not meet the policy established at the April 3, 2018 Board Meeting last year for number of applicants required for each scholarship awarded. Conflicts identified with other activities/competitions on the same day as the Scholarship Competition – needs to be considered when setting dates for next year’s competition
o Senior Scholarship Competition – Chair was not in attendance – no discussion; letter to go out next week
o Gold Cup and Student Recital scheduled March 30 – initial reminder letter from the chair has been sent
o Remaining WMC Concert for 2018-19 – Navy Jazz Ensemble on April 6 is on track
o Recommendations for 2019-20 WMC Concert Series: Julie An to be scheduled; Zuill Bailey will check with young Zuill about possibly performing next year in the WMC Concert Series, perhaps with a high school masterclass as well; recommendation was made to wait until new NFMC Young Artist competition in June to possibly bring in another Young Artist next year.
o Paul requested volunteers for a Search Committee to select new club officers to begin there their tenure in June 2020.
Meeting adjourned at 12:00 PM

Gold Cup/Student Recital

Dear Woodbridge Music Club,

I am sending this reminder out now about the GOLD CUP/STUDENT RECITAL on March 30 since it's being held at a different time this year. We will see if this works out having the Gold Cup Recital in March instead of May.


President's Note Jan 2019

Dear Woodbridge Music Club Members:

The WMC Scholarship Competition is coming up on March 2, 2019. If you have students who want to compete, please submit the appropriate WMC Scholarship Application Form to the chairperson indicated for each competition. Note that there is a separate Chairperson for each of the Piano, Instrumental, and Vocal competitions. The postmark deadline for all applications is February 9, 2019.

In Memoriam

Dear Woodbridge Music Club Members:

I just received word that Skip Baird, husband of Emily Baird, passed away this morning. This was sudden and unexpected.

Paul Brady
President, Woodbridge Music Club
Sep 18, 2018

President's News - Sep 2018

Dear Woodbridge Music Club Members:

Our August 20 Board Meeting was very productive and we have set the course for the upcoming year. Our biggest challenge this year is increasing membership. We all need to talk up the club to our fellow musicians and music lovers.
I have attached …

Planning Meeting Aug 2nd for Upcoming Year

Dear Woodbridge Music Club Members:

We will hold a meeting at
10:00 a.m. on Thursday, August 2 at my home in Manassas, VA. This will be a planning meeting for the upcoming year and your attendance is very important. In addition to your input and opinions in determining the future direction of the Woodbridge Music Club we need your participation in club activities. A this meeting, we will discuss and make decisions about the activities of the WMC in the upcoming year. Topics to be discussed include: