Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of the Officers and Chairmen of the Committees. Board members are encouraged to attend the board meetings.

Officers 2018-2019

President: Paul Brady,
Vice President: Grace Reid,
Secretary: Cynthia Elmore,
Treasurer: Dr Zuill Bailey,

WMC Past Presidents

Amy Witty 1976-1978
Karen McCoy 1978-1979
Jane Hershey 1979-1980
Helen Dill 1980-1982
Lana Bailey* 1982-1984
Deborah Chappell 1984-1986
Susan Tury* 1986-1988
Gail Jenkins 1988-1990
Lana Bailey* 1990-1992
Cynthia Elmore* 1992-1994
Duwain Dillon 1994-1996
Carol Condit 1996-1997
Elmore*/Tury* 1997-1998
Dr. Zuill Bailey* 1998-1999
June Shuffett* 1999-2001
Susan Price 2001-2004
Pat Moler* 2004-2006
Betty McCary* 2006-2008
Dr Elaine Brady* 2008-2014
Dr Rebecca Crowley* 2014-2015
William Gray 2015-2016
Paul Brady 2016-Present

*denotes member of VFMC Past Presidents Assembly (PPA)