President's News

PWC Arts Council Representative Debora Madsen
PWC Arts Council Grant Application Chairs Dr Robert Shuffett, June Shuffett
Kiki Thomaidis Piano Scholarship Competition Co-Chairs Rudene Jones, Emily Baird, Irene Roberts
WMC Instrumental Scholarship Competition Chair Dr Zuill Bailey
WMC Vocal Scholarship Competition Chair Debora Madsen
Membership Chair Emily Baird
Music Outreach Program Lana Bailey
Events Coordinator June Shuffett
Fundraising Chair June Shuffett
Program Designer Dr Elaine Brady
Communications Chair Deborah Madsen
Publicity Chair (Flyers) Dr Robert Shuffett
Senior Scholarship Chair Betty McCary
Student Recitals Co-chairs Grace Reid, Soo Cho
Teacher Referral Chair Soo Cho
Yearbook Publication Emily Baird
Webmaster Bill Riski

As we launch into the coming year, please let me know if you would like to turn over your current positions next year and we can try to find someone early on to shadow you during this year. This will allow a smooth transition of responsibility next year. I encourage each of you to “recruit” a replacement for yourself during the coming so that we can engage some of our less active members in the business of the WMC. .

I have nearly completed the 2017-2018 yearbook. I am waiting for the final count of members, some information from NFMC, and the possibility of bringing in a vocal group from the Army Chorus for a program at Westminster. The yearbook should be printed and distributed at the House Concert/Welcome Potluck at our home on October 1st.

I am also planning to hold a
Board Meeting on Saturday, October 7, location TBD, to discuss the upcoming year. We have cut back on the number of events this year, but we need to make all of them worthwhile. Our plan from last year to bring in one of the Young Artists from the NFMC Young Artist Competition is working out - we will bring in Andre Chiang, a very talented singer, on April 14, 2018. Zuill and I will work on trying to set up a Master Class for Andre to conduct at at one of the High Schools on April 13. I encourage you to go to the NFMC site and read about Andre.

I’m looking forward to the coming year and working with all of you again!

Musically Yours,

Paul Brady
President, Woodbridge Music Club