Planning Meeting Aug 2nd for Upcoming Year

Dear Woodbridge Music Club Members:

We will hold a meeting at
10:00 a.m. on Thursday, August 2 at my home in Manassas, VA. This will be a planning meeting for the upcoming year and your attendance is very important. In addition to your input and opinions in determining the future direction of the Woodbridge Music Club we need your participation in club activities. A this meeting, we will discuss and make decisions about the activities of the WMC in the upcoming year. Topics to be discussed include:

1) Reduction in Funds - impact on the Future of the WMC
a. Reduced income from decrease in membership
b. Loss of Christmas in Occoquan Donation from Quinn’s Jewelers
c. Loss of PWC Arts Council Grant for 2018-19

2) Concert Venues for 2018-19

3) Student Recitals (proposal to combine the February and May Student Recitals in Late March/Early April)

4) Scholarship Competitions (proposal to reduce the award amounts to meet current club income)

5) Club Committee Chair Positions - without volunteers to chair these positions many of these programs cannot continue. Other than officers, the following is a complete listing of the WMC Committee Chair positions. If you held one of these positions during the 2016-2018 term and agree to continue, please let me know by email before the meeting. If you are willing to assume responsibility in one of these areas or assist in an area, please let me know by email.
a. PWC Arts Council Representative
b. PWC Arts Council Grant Application Chair
c. Kiki Thomaidis Piano Scholarship Chair
d. WMC Instrumental Scholarship Competition Chair
e. WMC Vocal Scholarship Competition Chair
f. Membership Chair
g. Music Outreach Chair
h. Events Coordinator
i. Fund Raising Chair
j. Program Designer
k. Communications Chair
l. Publicity Chair
m. Senior Scholarship Chair
n. Student Recital Chair
o. Teacher Referral Chair
p. National Music Week Chair

I have established a search committee to identify officers for the 2018-2020 term. The committee consists of Cynthia Elmore and Pat Moler. If you are interested in serving in a club officer position (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary), please contact them as soon as possible. Results of the Search Committee will be discussed at the meeting.

Please attend this meeting. Your participation is very important to the continued success of the Woodbridge Music Club. If we do not take steps to sustain our club, we will eventually run out of funds. We need to make decisions now to avoid this potential outcome.

I look forward to seeing you on August 2nd.

Musically Yours,

Paul Brady
President, Woodbridge Music Club